Committment to The Truth

It’s all about commitment to the truth, Islam. Certainty and wholehearted conviction to the very core of our being.

The implications are transformative and life changing. This is what you witness with new reverts to Islam. How their whole internal and external life changes, so rapidly.

There is no room for doubts, in fact, the conditions of the testament, require full certainty and conviction.

Your mission in life is set, to seek & worship Allah with your whole being, to be a dedicated slave to your Master, Creator & Sustainer. Not to share this servitude with anyone or anything else.

To know that you are on a journey to the hereafter, that this world is your only opportunity to collect the provisions for the next.

Yet, we treat this life as if it is the purpose of our existence…


What life do you really care about?

What’s more important to you, this world or the next? Forget theoretical and wishful answers.

Rather look to your daily routine and actions. What do you do on time, pursue diligently and think about most of the time?

When you analyse this, you’ll discover really what’s important to you. What you give priority and most of your effort & concern to.

Here is the reality, most of us give precedence to this worldly life, whether it’s studying, building a career or enjoying ourselves. In between we fit in acts for the hereafter let alone reflect on our true purpose of existence and mission in life, which is ultimately to know and worship Allah.

The affair has become upside down, we have in reality chosen this finite life over infinite afterlife. We stress and think about exams, work, children, chores and our favorite football team rather than Allah, pray, death, Judgement day and pursuit of good deeds for the pure sake of Allah.

So, let’s reflect on our true mission in life, make that our priority and then make the affairs of this world revolve around the afterlife. We need to demote this life to secondary importance, to its true place relative to eternity.

It is only when we give the hereafter the primary stage in our lives will we realise our ultimate purpose of life. Which is to know, love, hope and be in awe of Allah. We will then make that our primary concern and do works accordingly. Then life will be in balance and we will achieve ultimate success in this life and the hereafter, inshaa Allah.


Islam the Universal Way of Life

Islam is a universal religion, a way of life professed and exemplified by all the prophets from Adam, Jesus to Muhammed, peace be upon them all.

The core message is absolute worship of The One, The True, The God which in Arabic is Allah. Allah does not resemble creation in any way possible and is not part of creation. One has to worship Allah alone and not co-worship false gods like statues, idols, men, angels, wealth, one’s own desires and many manmade systems.

Worship means to discover Allah through his signs in nature and message sent via his messengers. The final messenger was Muhammed, peace be upon him. One has to surrender to the knowledge from Allah and practice complete servitude. This is because Allah is The Creator, The Sustainer & The Manager of the whole of creation. It is Allah who has created the universe and mankind and all beauty is a reflection of The Beautiful.

So Islam is not a new religion but the original religion that was renewed to mankind through prophets and messengers.

It is man who has distorted the truth throughout the ages for his own personal gain and perversions. Sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes out of false desires & selfish motives.

And today even many Muslims are distorting Islam to suit their own political, cultural & personal agendas.

So we have to look to the source, the Qur’an and the sayings and account of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him along with his companions to understand the reality of Islam.

If you do that you will discover the universal truth that will set you free from the chains of this worldly life to the vastness of the ethereal eternal life. Allah will place light in your heart so that it will flourish again waking you up from your slumber and intoxication of falsehood to the delight of knowing The Truth.