Islam the Universal Way of Life

Islam is a universal religion, a way of life professed and exemplified by all the prophets from Adam, Jesus to Muhammed, peace be upon them all.

The core message is absolute worship of The One, The True, The God which in Arabic is Allah. Allah does not resemble creation in any way possible and is not part of creation. One has to worship Allah alone and not co-worship false gods like statues, idols, men, angels, wealth, one’s own desires and many manmade systems.

Worship means to discover Allah through his signs in nature and message sent via his messengers. The final messenger was Muhammed, peace be upon him. One has to surrender to the knowledge from Allah and practice complete servitude. This is because Allah is The Creator, The Sustainer & The Manager of the whole of creation. It is Allah who has created the universe and mankind and all beauty is a reflection of The Beautiful.

So Islam is not a new religion but the original religion that was renewed to mankind through prophets and messengers.

It is man who has distorted the truth throughout the ages for his own personal gain and perversions. Sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes out of false desires & selfish motives.

And today even many Muslims are distorting Islam to suit their own political, cultural & personal agendas.

So we have to look to the source, the Qur’an and the sayings and account of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him along with his companions to understand the reality of Islam.

If you do that you will discover the universal truth that will set you free from the chains of this worldly life to the vastness of the ethereal eternal life. Allah will place light in your heart so that it will flourish again waking you up from your slumber and intoxication of falsehood to the delight of knowing The Truth.