We are working to share insights on mainstream Islamic knowledge, thought and psychology, whilst debunking false, extreme & fringe ideologies.

In an age where anti-depressants are increasingly prescribed and consumed, we add perspective from an Islamic Psychological & Spiritual perspective on the causes of sadness, discontent & anxiety of the modern world. We question why many people are so unfulfilled, intoxicated and distracted in the age of “abundance”?

We believe that it can be summed up as mankind having lost sight of their true self/nature, purpose of creation and The Creator.

We will explore this theme with our thoughts and heritage of traditional Islamic knowledge to shed light and instill hope in hearts that so desperately are in need of a cure, from their maladies, whether Muslims or not.

This is an interactive project of discovery and labour of love, so we invite everyone to participate in the journey of light.

Engaging and sharing the truth and beauty of Islam with all those who desire to know The Reality (Al Haqq).

Look forward to meaningful discussions…

Muhammad Al-Qureshi

Twitter: @IslamicCoaching
Instagram: IslamicCoaching
Snapchat: al_qureshi
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IslamicCoaching
Email: Muhammad@IslamicCoaching.com


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