“When those, wh…

“When those, who are vigilant observe the influence of this worldly life upon those who seek it, the deceit of false hopes, the control of Sataan, the domination of souls, and material fortune in the hand of the evil ones, they resort to piety & submission, like a scared slave who seeks refuge in his master’s house. The desires directed at this worldly life are simply deceptive enjoyment, and the insight of the ignorant is restricted to superficial matters, while the wise man perceives that which is hidden from the others.”
Ibn Qayyim, Al Fawa’id

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One thought on ““When those, wh…

  1. This is amazing insight into the world affairs. You can see the truth everywhere you look.

    We have to look within us and identify false hopes, the influence of evil and deception. Then rectify this by turning to Allah in repentence and submission.

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